What to Expect

What should I expect?

We are a welcoming, multi-generational Church community. Our Sunday services are open to everyone, whether believer, seeker, or doubter. 

We devote time during the service to scripture reading, prayer, joyful singing of Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, and to sitting under the preaching of the Word of God. Once a month (typically on the first Sunday) we celebrate the Lord's Supper together. We ask that only believing Christians partake in the Lord's Supper.

Every week after the service, we gather over coffee and snacks to catch up with our church family and to meet new friends. Every month (first Sunday) we enjoy a potluck lunch after the Service. All are welcome to join us. 

We do not not expect church attendees to conform to a specific dress code. Come dressed comfortably and don't let the question of "what to wear?" keep you from attending church.

What about my Kids?

We have a nursery space available for parents and young children to use during the service, but otherwise we do not have programs for children/youth during the service. This isn't because we don't value kids; it's because we do! We have age-targeted classes during our morning Sunday School before our Service, but during the weekly gathering of our Church family, we want everyone in the family to be involved, from 90 years old to 9 months! Feel free to bring coloring pages, toys, or other age-appropriate activities for your kids to use during the service if they need some help to stay focused.

For more information about how LBC seeks to support parents as they disciple their children, check out parent resources here.